Instructions and Parts for Do-It-Yourself Appliance Repair

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So many people are saving time and money by tackling an Appliance Repair themselves as do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. There is no waiting until Thursday afternoon when a plumber or electrician can finally get to the house. The frustration over a bill that lists a few dollars for parts and five times that much for labor can be eliminated by simply finding the right website. One website that offers discounted parts has provided detailed instructions on repairs for all types of appliances for twenty years.

General Instructions

People can look for general instructions by appliance. If the dishwasher is not working correctly, for example, simply click the dishwasher tab and a wealth of information appears. Symptoms and possible solutions are presented. If the dishes are not getting cleaned, the problem may be no water, not enough water, not enough soap, or clogged spray arms. Ways to make repairs for each of those problems are provided in meticulous detail.

Specific Instructions

There is a function on the website that allows people to enter the model number of any appliance. What will be presented then is specific symptoms and the exact solutions for fixing the problem. It is strongly recommended that all instructions are read carefully before beginning any repairs. If there is something mentioned that is unfamiliar or tools identified that you have never worked with, call a professional.


People cannot be too careful or diligent when it comes to safety. Keep in mind these basic tips before even looking at an appliance to determine if the repairs can be a DIY project. Unplug the appliance always. It does not matter if it is an electric can opener, it still needs to be unplugged to avoid a shock or electrocution. If the appliance is a gas one, be sure to shut off the gas where it enters the home.

Wear protective equipment such as safety glasses and work gloves before using any tools. Remove any loose clothing around moving parts and pull back hair if it is long or can get in the way. Make sure the telephone is close in case help is needed for an emergency. Saving money will not be a consolation if there is an injury.